Minor ailments or fatigue are likely. There might be some expenses on medical diagnosis.Watchout for cronic illness today. Avoid overeating to prevent stomach infection.


You will feel left out by your collegues and loved ones. You will become more sensitive in your approach and get hurt easily. Do not take criticism to your heart. Try to keep yourself calm to maintain harmonious atmosphere.

Personal Life:  

Everything that seems good will turn out to be worse today. All efforts that you try put on personal matters will be delayed or will fail. keep yourself calm and be patient as today is not the right day for you.


Financial issues will be a cause of concern. Do not indulge yourself in petty arguments especially at workplace.


You shall have to travel for urgent matter. Take care while driving as you are prone to minor accidents.


Today is not a favourable day to be dependent on luck.Do not sign any important documents as you might land yourself into trouble.