Your health will need immediate attention. You are prone to throat infection. Drinking boiled water with honey can give you some relief. You might have to face breathing issues. Including in light exercise in fitness regime will help.


You will experience mood swings today due to restless mind. Do not indulge into any controvesy. You will be in confused and agitated state of mind today due to some emotional issues that have arisen in your life.

Personal Life:  

You will be misunderstood by someone close to you. You will have to handle the situation more maturely. Your family will be supportive.


Do not try new things to impress your superiors. Stay low profile until the right time to express your views and ideas.


You will have to cancel your trips due to unavoidable reasons. Avoid travelling as it will only bring you disappointment


Everything seems to be falling apart as luck will not support in any aspects.