Let's Know The Secret Behind Different Colors Of Passports!

Passports are the travel documents which have a discernible difference of colors, but travelers generally don't pay much heed to the reasons behind them. There is no strict logic that helps to define the passport color as countries are completely free to stick to the colors of their wish. This is evident by the amazing variety of passport colors and design patterns. Hence, there are no strict rules that define the colors of passports, but, not to forget, there are a few guidelines to be followed while choosing them.

Passports are found in only four colors, namely- Navy Blue, Red, Black and Green. Also, it's International Civil Aviation Organization that issues passport standards on cover size, format, and technology.

The color of passports are chosen on two bases:

1. On the basis of countries

2. On the basis of special reasons

How Countries Choose The Color For Their Passports?

Red Passport-

All the countries that are a part of European Union use red color passports. These countries don't include Croatia. Along with these EU countries, Switzerland also boasts red color passports as this the color of their national flag. Not to forget, the countries that are interested in joining the European Union have also chosen the same shade to show their interest in EU, like, Turkey and the Balkan States.

Black Passport-

Countries that use black passports have different logics behind their choice. Some use this color as it looks more formal and shows less. That's why Republic of Botswana and Zambia use black passports. Zealand uses this color because black is one their national colors.

Blue Passport-

This color is considered as one the most common colors and that's why Brazil, Argentina, Paraguya, Uruguay, Venezuela, India and many other countries boast blue passports. Along with them, fifteen Caribbean countries use the same color of passports. Whereas the color of America's passport has changed from red, then green and now to navy blue (to match their national flag).

Green Passport-

Green is believed as the favorite color of Prophet Muhammad and is visible on the national flags of many Islamic countries. Along with them, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Senegal are some African countries that have chosen the same color for their passports to show their loyalty for Economic Community of West African States.

How Some Special Reasons Can Change Your Passport Color?

Passport of a particular country can have different colors to differentiate people on the basis of their special privileges. Let's have a quick look :

  • Indian government has issued three colors for passports; white for official passports, maroon passports for diplomats and blue for regular passports.

  • In Turkey, people who have green passports can travel visa free to a few specified countries.

  • A Queen’s Messenger Passport in Britain is issued only to individuals relaying information to British consulates and embassies around the world.

Hence, the colors of passports have different facts behind them. So, check out the interesting stories that your passport color has to tell!

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