Live your life happily as this will ensure good health and vigor. Your health is very much connected to state of your sub conscious mind. Positive energy and optimism will help you avoid all sort of major illness. Make sure you have ample amount of time to rest and relax.


Avoid over-reacting to situations and people, as it will get you nowhere. Silence will indeed be golden today.

Personal Life:  

You will be more sympathetic to the feelings of others and shall freely share your own emotions with them. It’s a party time. Enjoy the day with family and friends. You may get an invitation to attend a social gathering.


You could encounter delays in business. Your mind is clouded; so it is better to avoid scheduling business negotiation or signing contracts now. Postpone important activities and meetings for some other day when you will be in a more dynamic shape.


Unnecessary trips can cost you monetary loss. Don’t get friendly with strangers.


Time is not very favorable for you. It's best to avoid new initiatives on the domestic front as well as business changes.