The bright weather will give you a kick start for a great day ahead. All your health related good efforts will be fruitful today. Yoga and meditation will give added advantage.


You shall be in a friendly and cheerful mood today. You shall be in a mood to celebrate with your friends and family. You sense of happiness will be heightened.

Personal Life:  

Your personal communications will have an emotional depth and will be fruitful. You shall be very popular in social circles. You may make plans of investing in a new home, property or a vehicle. You will discuss your future plans with loved ones.


You will be full of enthusiasm and able to handle work efficiently. You can get new responsibilities which will prove to be beneficial for you. Monetary gains are indicated through your efforts. Use your professional power to improve your career prospects.


If possible, cancel all your tours for the time being as they may prove harmful or unfruitful.


This time is not in your favor; so, do not depend on luck. But continue with your efforts for which you will get results later.