Your immunity will be weak. Fatigue can make you lethargic. Stomach related problems can also persist. Avoid eating spicy and heavy meals. You shall benefit from light diet and exercises.


You may be a little disturbed from inside. But do not lose your patience as it is just a short phase and will pass by easily.

Personal Life:  

Increased domestic responsibilities would leave a little time for other work. Time is not favorable for marital life and conditions of separation may arise. You find yourself a little more sensitive and touchy in all aspects. Avoid ego clashes to save your romantic relationship.


This is not a good day for important financial matters. You will be troubled by some unnecessary expenses. If there is any business problem to be resolved, do so with an open mind and advice from experts.


Some impediments can postpone your trips. Even if you do travel, you will have to face discomfort and problems.


Today, you may face some unexpected or sudden incidents. These may be bad or good.