You have to take special precaution regarding drinking fluids because the chances of a waterborne disease are high. Ensure that you drink boiled and clean water.


You may be very pessimistic and demanding today. Try not to be overly sensitive with loved ones. Do not be judgmental about others.

Personal Life:  

You may have to face misunderstanding with friends and relatives. An innocent distortion of facts could lead to distrust and hurt in a personal relationship. Adopt an attitude of working 'with the flow' for best results.


Today you feel that things are out of your control and obstacles will inhibit you from performing well. There is going to be more demand on your time. Sudden unexpected expenses might wield financial pressure.


If possible, cancel all your tours for the time being as they may prove harmful or unfruitful.


This time is not in your favor; so, do not depend on luck. But continue with your efforts for which you will get results later.