Today, you may have to face minor problems due to climate changes so take precautions. Stress regarding your personal life may adversely affect your health. You need to practice yoga and reduce your tensions.


Negative thinking may disturb your mind but keep patience, the results will be positive.

Personal Life:  

Love relations will remain volatile today. Try to understand the feelings of your close ones. You will get support and affection of your spouse but you may also be upset about something. Today, someone in the family or one of your closed friends can take undue advantage of you.


Business persons are advised not to go for risky investments, as they might incur heavy losses. You may have disputes with the partner on money related issues. Today, you may have extra workload - a complex task can be assigned to you in the office.


Accidents while travelling are likely. Do not drink and drive.


You are particularly sensitive and intuitive today and shall react strongly to what people say.