Health will be in a bad shape today. Turbulent mind and low immunity will bother you. You may suffer from bile related problems. There will be a general feeling of lethargy. Take care of your health.


You shall feel frustrated and upset. Your confidence level will decrease.

Personal Life:  

You shall enjoy comforts and happiness. You wishes may be fulfilled. Conjugal relations will be cordial. You shall enjoy a vigorous social life. Friends shall give you sound and useful advice.


Progress in work will be normal. You shall achieve success in proportion to the efforts put in. avoid taking important long term decisions relating to career and finance. Remarks by colleague or boss can create mental stress.


Today is not at all a good time for travelling. You may have to roam about aimlessly – without gaining any results. This shall result in loss of time and stamina.


This is surely one of the most inauspicious days. You will feel as if you are undergoing some punishment for no fault of yours.