You will feel active and happy the whole day. Beginning a new physical exercise regime and sporting activity will cause good health. Tendency to suffer from joints and muscular pain exists. However, there are no major health related issues to worry about.


Decision-making can be challenging right now, as there is a basic conflict between your instincts and your feelings. Take help of an expert or elderly person, if confused.

Personal Life:  

This is a good time for bridging emotional gaps with family members. You will be more sensitive in your approach. You mood will be very changeable. You may also decide to change something about your appearance or the way you dress.


This is a good time for making business decisions, investments and dispute settlements. You shall have an edge over competitors. Job interview or negotiations will give good results. It's your time to be recognized and appreciated.


You may face dangers from poison, fire, loss of wealth, etc. while travelling.


You shall be in a good mood as luck will be in your favor. You can win a lottery or gain in speculative market.