Some Incredible Facts About America That You Didn't Know!

It is a known fact that America is great in its own ways. The United States of America is country with two continents in itself and 49 states in total. This country is a super power, despite budget cuts, the US has maintained its position as the world's strongest military forces. It has the best educational system in the world and that is why it's an attraction for the youth for their higher studies. 70% of the space satellites belong to them as America’s space-application electronics are still the best in the world. People, already are dazzled by the American lifestyle, oversee some prominent facts about their country. Let's read a few unheard or just 'overheard' facts about the United States of America:

Highest Paid Employee In A State Is A Football Coach!

Yes, this is not an extract of a fiction but a fact, that, in more than half of all U.S, the highest paid public employee is a football coach and not a bureaucrat or minister (as it is generally presumed). So if any American who wants to be a rich in future, must focus on football rather than academics, and this is not a joke.

47% Americans Don't Save Money For Emergencies!

The administration of USA saves their citizens from day to day vulnerabilities by high quality medical services, financial allowances, robust educational services etc. But living in such a comfort zone has led to a situation that 47% Americans, now, don't put aside a single penny out of their paychecks into savings.

40% Babies Are Born To Unmarried Parents!

In the survey of 1950, less than 5% babies were born to unmarried parents but now, these figures have seen a sharp rise and have reached over 40% ! This change is a result of change in perspectives and shifting of life goals.

The United States of America is ranked 41 in Press Freedom Index!

According to this index, there are 180 listed countries in the competition in which USA is on the 41st place. It reflects the degree of freedom that US gives to its journalists and news organizations to enjoy while disseminating a news which can't be manipulated by any organization, political party or any other entity. USA is one of the countries that makes much efforts to respect and ensure right to speech and expression. Its free press, separation of powers and lively public square ensures that it never trends to extremism. Along with the above, there are infinite unveiled facts about America, its people and all about them!

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