What To Take If Everything Was Free For 10 Minutes?

If I am already told that I will be given such an amazing opportunity to fill my pockets with anything if everything gets free of cost for 10 minutes, I will be all set with my shopping list! After thinking for a while I have come up with a few appealing options to choose from, that one could never resist. Realize that fact, that this opportunity of owning things free of cost can make you a millionaire! I know that, if, something like this happens, it will be really difficult to survive on such a planet because people can think of choosing anything that might affect the balance of the world, as one can take or own anything and everything imaginable. Some research, if done beforehand, can help us make a clear picture of what to take and what to ignore. Starting from the basic needs in the most grandest manner, I have scanned all my forgotten desires to come up with the following things:

World's Most Expensive Properties!

I would do some research in Prime International Residential Index to own the most demanded and luxurious properties around the world so that I be the richest person of the world in just a few seconds. In fact, we are all aware that the graph of property rates rarely sees a fall, I would thus prefer properties like Kensington Palace Gardens, London worth 40,000,000 pound sterling, Beverly Hills, California worth 68 million euros, Rockfeller Estates, Switzerland, worth 58 million euros and an endless list to follow!

Some Sophisticated Dresses And Accessories!

My wish list is incomplete without picking some expensive and tempting sets of dresses, shoes, bags and other accessories. If they ever happen to be free of cost, I would prefer picking from probably the biggest names in the fashion industry like Oscar De La Ranta, that is famous for highly sophisticated and unaffordable dresses along with some ready-to-wear leather and fashion accessories, shoes, luggage, watches, outerwear, and more from Prada.

Reserve A Seat For The Most Expensive Extreme Sports !

Certainly, there are some adventure sports that are really exciting but extremely dangerous. They have varying fatality rate but electrifies us from within. Some of the most expensive and exciting sports are sky surfing, scuba diving, wing suit flying etc. Wish lists can be really long. To take all such things in just ten minutes, one requires a lot of preparation and research. The above points enlist everything to tell how my desire list takes care of my basic need of shelter in the most grandest way and then my desires for a stunning personality with branded items and doesn't forget to accommodate the much needed fun and adventure too.

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