See The Bigger Picture Of Your Temptations!

Since childhood, people start developing plenitudes of practices that start merging in their daily behavior. These habits are tagged as 'good' or 'bad' according to their long and short term effects on one's life and his surroundings. People don't develop bad habits knowing that they are 'unpleasant' in a way but find them attractive and highly tempting in the initial stages until they become compulsive desires. Gradually, such people are caught in a vicious cycle to repeat these undesirable yet ingrained habits.

Bad Habits Are Not Just 'Bad' But 'Fatal' Too !

The most prevalent bad habits that have entrapped the youth and adults are consuming alcohol, smoking and eating junk food. People have different notions and motives behind continuing such habits. They assume that consuming alcohol, smoking and eating junk food makes them look cool and trendy. There are other motive behind it like easing anxiety, depression and feeding their addiction. Such things have become pervasive amongst people of all ages throughout the world as they certainly offer short term contentment and pleasure but life is not too short to overlook their long term results!

Yes, long term results! Do you have any idea what junk food does to your body, or you just overhear the 'junk' part?

A junk-food is actually the class of unnatural eatables with high calorie content, synthetic chemicals and negligible nutrient value. They are mainly processed and fried foods, processed meat, candies and chocolate to name just a few. But such food is genetically modified and thus makes one's life vulnerable in long run. They often cause obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and also get fatal as it leads to organ defects, ulcers, cancer in different parts of body.

Intoxication Is Not A Pleasure But An Invite To Death!

There is a different categories of means of intoxication that helps people to experience pleasure and intense feeling of happiness which have fearsome long term effects. They are alcoholic beverages, smoking cigarettes, cigars, weed, marijuana, tobacco etc. and taking drugs through injection and other means. All of them result into heart attacks, liver failure, depressions, coma, paralysis attacks and other spine-chillings diseases. In other words, they let you live a very short and painful life.

Do you really want to ditch your dear ones in the midway of your life? Or maybe, you haven't planned to achieve something big ? I hope this is all false!

You must engage yourself in productive activities that benefit you and the world, that replaces such bad habits. Also, you should realize that such euphoria that tempted you to those habits can be experienced in other activities too, once you shift your choices and priorities from 'self' to 'others'.

Yes, its never too late to start but you must start improving as soon as you see the real picture!

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